Why We Exist: To bring awareness to societal trauma, community trauma and individual trauma, through education and advocacy which demonstrate the interconnectedness of Nature and our overall health.

H.E.R.O, a holistic non-profit created to support individual and group healing by adopting wellness, mindfulness, and awareness strategies. Innovative and dynamic programming are designed to enhance one's relationship with the environment. We use nature as a conduit to promote healthier lifestyles combining specific evidenced-based treatment to support participants through several conditions and implements cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to foster healing.

Hero Nurturing Center was founded in 2014 as a basis and pathway for anyone realizing their passion, dream, or desire.


Instead, I found myself controlling my breathing; things that didn't matter to me as simple as breathing now has meaning to me again.
- Steven Fleury, HERO Nature Walk Participant


Spending the day with Judith Foster is better than any antidepressant or medicine ever! Thank you, Judy, for being the positive loving angel of a friend that you are and hanging out with you. Thank you for lifting my spirits.
- Cheryl Benedetti Nadolny, Former HERO Board Member


I am a veteran of OEF and OIF that has learned to live with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress.


H.E.R.O Nurturing Center, and the Nature Healing Walks, allowed me to be more healthy, mindful, and at peace. Judith Foster has an intimate and deep understanding of healing from life's traumas and stress.


I learned a lot from the Nature Healing Walks, and will now be able to have a more rewarding and caring relationship with nature, myself, and others.
Veterans and many of us that experience physical or mental pain, can learn more about themselves nature and others, from H.E.R.O Nurturing Center's Nature Healing Walks, and gain assistance in reintegrating them into a more healthy lifestyle mental routines.


I am very fortunate to have been a part of the H.E.R.O Nurturing Center's Nature Healing Walks with Judith Foster. I gained extremely valuable peace and an appreciation for nature that is just beyond our doorstep.


Thank you,
Sieh Samura OEF
OIF Veteran - Boston, MA